CS201 Final Term Solved MCQS

CS201 Final Term Solved MCQS: Today we are sharing with you the cs201 programming language book final term material solved MCQS students can easily download and prepare for their exams.

CS201 Final Term Solved MCQS

As a bit is the smallest unit of memory, the idea of bit manipulation indicates that we can work with bits. Bit operations use a tiny amount of memory. As a result, we can utilize the RAM effectively. Operating systems and file characteristics both greatly benefit from the use of bit fields. When working at the operating system level, bit manipulations are helpful www.vuexpertsolutions.pk.

The first illustration involves an operating system. You can look at a file’s properties in Windows. Right-clicking the mouse on the file name in any folder structure will bring up the option properties. A window displaying the file’s properties will appear. This will display the file’s name, creation, and modification dates, and other information. There are some boxes with checkmarks in the area of this window below. They consist of read-only, archival, etc.

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