CS504 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022


CS504 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022: The field of software engineering is fascinating. We must examine several instances and case studies in order to comprehend this topic. Additionally, we must consider how to create effective software and how to make it better in various situations. We must first comprehend what software is before moving on to software engineering. Software today undoubtedly plays a significant influence in all aspects of life. We can observe numerous software programmers being used in our daily activities all around us.

Electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering are only a few of the various engineering specialties. These engineering specialties are all dependent on physics. Engineering is the application of science to the design and construction of structures, machines, and electrical devices. Physics itself is not engineering. Civil engineering is the practice of developing structures while applying physical principles. Mechanical engineering is the practice of creating devices like engines or automobiles using physics. Electrical engineering is the practice of using our understanding of physics to create electronic gadgets. Like the relationship between physics and electrical, mechanical, or civil engineering or, for that matter, the relationship between any basic science and any engineering field the relationship between computer science and software engineering is similar.

Software and other systems have different properties.

Let’s now discuss what makes a software system unique from other systems. For instance, what distinguishes software engineering from other engineering disciplines like mechanical or electrical engineering, or how software differs from systems like a car, a TV, or other similar devices? Let’s examine a few non-software systems, such as a TV, car, or light bulb. When driving, an engine issue could cause the car to malfunction. Similar to how a TV could be broken while functioning and an electric bulb could be fused while glowing.

Our non-software systems could malfunction or crash while operating, as we saw in the scenario above. That indicates that wear and tear has an impact on them. They lead specific lives, and as a result, they may experience problems and behave and perform differently than is reasonable. But with software, this is not the case. Software systems are not impacted by the wear-and-tear phenomenon. If a piece of software has any flaws, they will be evident from day one and are typically referred to as bugs.

In other words, if a piece of software is defective, it should not function at all. However, it is not possible for a piece of software to behave as expected at one point in time and then suddenly stop doing so after some time has passed. The software, therefore, lacks the component of wear and tear. Let’s get into further detail about this. We just spoke about bugs, which are errors in software. If an automobile component wears out, all you have to do is get a replacement from the market and swap out the worn-out component. And the vehicle will resume functioning as it did before.

CS504 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022:

  • Although there are no absolute rules for this, there are several approaches to be considered.
  • Future information is only displayed gradually, not all at once, depending on the user’s needs.
  • The emphasis moved from what to how if UI was added to SRS.
  • Any change to the requirements requires a modification to the user interface. A significant amount of rework may be necessary if the requirements are not stable.
  • If GUI is a component of SRS, then we will go against the abstraction rule.
  • The design, development, or testing procedures are not fully described in SRS. Its objectives are to choose the appropriate tech stack and development plan.
  • UIs distract from business process undertaking (what) to interfacing details how.
  • UIs are frequently updated as a result of unstable requirements.
  • Each time a GUI modification needs to be included, additional work at the requirement level is required.

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CS504 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022, cs504 gdb 1 solution 2022

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