ECO401 Final Term Preparation Short Notes

ECO401 Final Term Preparation Short Notes: We are sharing with you the economics final term past papers and solved MCQs 50 plus. Students can prepare for their exams easily but do not rely only on past papers read PPTs and handouts also

ECO401 Final Term Preparation Short Notes

The third management function is directing. Working in this capacity enables management to monitor and regulate personnel behavior. This enables them to help employees reach their personal and professional goals, which can be fueled by motivation, communication, department dynamics, and department leadership, in addition to the company’s goals.

Maintaining a productive workplace, developing positive interpersonal interactions, and problem-solving are crucial. And only effective communication can do this. Managers may become better communicators by understanding the communication process and focusing on areas that need improvement. Asking oneself and others how they are doing on a frequent basis is the best way to identify the areas that need development. This improves relationships and aids managers in better plan directing.

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