ISL202 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2023

ISL202 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2023: Today we are sharing with you ISL202 Subjects Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2023 Please Do not copy paste directly do some changes in it.

ISL202 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2023

ISL202 Assignment 1 Solution 2023

ISL202 Assignment 1 2023


Each religion has a concept of worship that distinguishes it from other religions. The followers of that religion perform these rituals with passion and devotion. Being a universal religion, Islam has a unique concept of worship which is completely different from all other religions.

“In this regard, Students will write three points with a brief explanation, which can clarify that Islamic concept of worship is unique and different from other religions.”


Answer should be in the form of Headings & short explanation. (Explanation should not be more than 4 lines).

Just 3 points are required. More than that will not be considered.

Maximum answer limit is two pages; more than it would not be considered.

You have to write the description in your own words. Answers copied from any source like the internet, handouts, etc. will be marked “Zero”.

Make sure to upload the solution file before the due date on VULMS. Any submission made via email or any other means after the due date will not be accepted.


Each point will carry 5 marks. The details are given below:

Heading: 2 marks

Explanation: 3 marks


Use the font style “Times New Roman”. Font size “16” for Headings and “12” for running text should be used.

It is advised to compose your document in MS Word format.

Use black and blue font colors only.


Monotheistic Worship:

Islam’s concept of worship is based on the belief in the oneness of God, which is the foundation of Islamic faith. Muslims believe in the absolute unity and domination of Allah and worship Him alone. This concept of monotheistic worship distinguishes Islam from other religions, as many religions have multiple gods or worship objects or entities other than the Divine.

Practical Worship:

In Islam, worship is not limited to a mere verbal declaration or a spiritual experience, but it is rather a practical act that involves the whole body, mind, and soul. Muslims perform five daily prayers (Salah) at specific times, which include physical movements, such as standing, bowing, and prostrating, along with recitation of Quranic verses. This practical aspect of worship is unique to Islam and sets it apart from other religions.

Social Worship:

 Islam emphasizes the importance of community worship, where Muslims gather in a mosque for Friday prayers and other congregational prayers. This social aspect of worship promotes unity, brotherhood, and equality among Muslims, regardless of their social status, race, or ethnicity. This concept of social worship is distinctive to Islam and is not found in many other religions, where worship is often viewed as an individual or private practice.

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ISL202 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2023,ISL202 Assignment 1 Solution 2023,ISL202 Assignment 1 2023

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