MTH301 Assignment 2 Solution Fall 2022

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Changing due to technology

By the turn of the 20th century, newspapers had developed their own mode of communication. Newspapers started to become more interpretive when radio arrived and people could acquire news more quickly than through print media. When television attempted to outperform radio by airing images of distant events, radio redoubled its efforts to provide new music genres, light conversation, and jokes (FM style). High-definition technology is now being used to simultaneously display objects in digital forms in order to compete with internet TV.

Journalists and media theorists have been attempting to define what online journalism is since the mid-1990s when the Internet first became a popular medium. The Internet is the new media of the current era, and that much is certain. Online media are not explicitly defined by their form, in contrast to other media, which are largely characterized by their form (paper, sound, picture). Since they also have a category of speed that is distinct from the previous media, which extends in real time and space, we can only very loosely claim that their form is constrained by the computer screen or speakers. This implies that the method by which we get information has a significant impact on that information’s transmission.

Internet blogs are not journalism because they can be written (created) by anyone with no prior journalism training or expertise. Even the presence of a journalist behind the blogs does not imply that the insights he posts online are journalism. A newsroom is necessary for the practice of journalism; it cannot be done in the comfort of one’s own home. Experience has shown us that nothing good comes from something that is not read, seen, or heard by anybody other than the author before it is published or broadcast, or at the very least by someone who has the authority to prevent or delay its publication or broadcast if necessary. Regrettably, modern mediums provide this opportunity. The new media cultivate this jungle with the help or lack of it of regulation.

News reports can be shared using any kind of information communication. After all, major media organizations established their own Tele-fax editions at the beginning of the 1990s for subscribers who lived far away and lacked patience for air dissemination. An E-mail has long since taken the place of telesales since it is far more efficient and less expensive. These distributional shifts have not been sufficiently matched by changes in journalistic expression.

Mostly because restrictions imposed by new technology constraints have not been enforced. It’s not “pleasant” to read a lengthy newsletter you receive by email, but the author is free to write one that way and distribute it. Contrarily, the new medium, unlike the old, essentially have no spatial or temporal constraints except for the aforementioned transmission speed. This turns becomes a negative for them rather than a benefit.

The Drawbacks of Using New Media

A common worry among businesses that want to stay competitive in today’s digital markets is the rapid rate at which new media changes and can be changed from any number of sources. While most advertising and marketing agencies have cited the use of new media as a positive force in reaching both new and old customers alike. Although the enhanced level of connection between customers and service providers is typically advantageous, it also gives dissatisfied customers more ways to voice their complaints than their real total sampling size among consumers as a whole

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