Pak301 Final Term Preparations Urdu Notes Download

Pak301 Final Term Preparations Urdu Notes Download: We are sharing with you the final term material of pak301 subjects, urdu notes lecture-wise students can download easily.

Pak301 Final Term Preparations Urdu Notes Download

The advertisers must consider whether each advertising channel is appropriate for their product. They must consider the nature of the good or service to be advertised, the target market for it, the amount of money budgeted for it, and the availability of time and space in each media for this purpose

Radio is a good medium for promoting a wide range of goods. For radio advertising, timing is crucial, though. For instance, any company that produces agricultural products can advertise on or sponsor their shows at the time that farmers listen to the radio after they return from the field.

The projected amount of reach, which plays a significant role in media objectives, influences not just media mix choices but also the media vehicles utilized in each media category. A distinct collection of media vehicles will be needed for high levels of reach compared to low levels of reach. That is, a mix of numerous media vehicles with distinct audiences can better offer high levels of reach while minimizing audience duplication across media.

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