Pak301 GDB 1 Solution 2023 Download

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Pak301 GDB 1 Solution 2023 Download

All recommendations are examined by the manager and the review committee. At the meeting, choices are discussed. Frequently, no choice is made. The gathering is educational and exploratory. A final recommendation is then drafted, either for group consensus or higher approval.

Few aspects of a presenter are as obvious as their wardrobe. It is the first and most obvious thing a presentation’s audience sees, and they pay attention to it the entire time. When giving a business presentation, the desired clothing, accessories, and grooming improve how the audience views the presenter. They provide the impression that the speaker is a respectable, expert, first-rate professional. Grooming, accessories, and attire shouldn’t detract from how the message is presented.

Question No 1:

Freedom of press is an illusion or reality in Pakistan. What sort of challenges and issues do journalists face in Pakistan?


Press freedom is an illusion, not a reality.

The country’s plurality and independence of the press have been threatened by recent restrictions on media freedom by both the military establishment and the succeeding governments. To do this, uncomfortable concerns have been marked with new redlines. The majority of the country’s peripheries were formerly where this practice of media silence was limited. They are confronting too many difficulties including Job security, threats, professional training, tight deadlines, and excessive work hours. Moreover, the respondents unveiled that these problems are adversely affecting their work performance by causing certain physical and mental health issues. However, the most recent trend in restricting media freedom has been more concentrated in big cities.

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