Phy101 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2022 Download

Phy101 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2023 Download: In this article, we are sharing with you phy101 gdb 1 solution 2022, phy101 Gdb 1 solution fall 2023 Download The file.

Phy101 GDB 1 Solution Fall 2023 Download

The extent to which we listen determines the outcome of many of our business endeavors. According to studies, we communicate for roughly 80% of our waking hours and spend at least 45% of that time listening. However, despite how important it is in our daily lives, listening is taught and studied much less than the other three fundamental communication skills: speaking, reading, and writing. We struggle to communicate with others a lot because we don’t listen well. The good news is that by comprehending the phases involved in hearing and adhering to some fundamental rules, listening efficiency can be increased.

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Important instructions:

  • Write to the point and avoid writing an unnecessary explanation.
  • There is a limit of 100 words for discussion.
  • Use the font style “time new roman” and font size 12.
  • Your answer should be relevant to the topic i.e. clear and concise.
  • Do not copy or exchange your answer with other students.

GDB Scenario:

we are observing wasted heat in everyday life for example in Pakistan heavy generated are installed, during their supply of electricity an excessive amount of wasted head is produced in its surrounding, similarly, when we drive a vehicle a heat is available in the surrounding of engine of that vehicle, we can see many more such examples of wastage of heat. This heat is effecting the environment of Pakistan badly.

Is it conceivable to convert this wasted heat into some useful work/energy/ electricity or not, if yes how? if no why?


Yes, it is possible to convert wasted heat in useful work especially to generate power and electricity.

Reason: Waste heat streams can be used to generate power in what is called bottoming cycle of combined heat and power which is another term for waste heat to power. In this configuration, fuel is first used to provide thermal energy, such as using fuel first to power a furnace, and the waste heat from that process is then used to generate power. Waste heat to power helps reduce energy costs for industrial processes by using the waste heat to generate emission-free electricity industrial users can put wasted energy back into the process that created it route the power somewhere else in the facility or sell it to the grid to support clean energy production distribution and use.

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