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SOC101 GDB Solution Fall 2023 Download

Family provides some degree of physical, economic, and psychological security to its members. An attack on a person is considered an attack on the family. Similarly, guilt and shame are equally shared by the family. People view the family as a haven in the heartless world, looking to kin for physical protection, emotional support, and financial assistance. People living in families tend to be healthier than those living alone.

Prior to industrialization, the family constituted an economic team. Family members cooperated in producing what they needed to survive. When industrialization moved production from home to factory, it disrupted this family team and weakened the bonds that tied family members together. In Pakistan family still performs an important function at least in helping its members in establishing their careers and obtaining jobs.

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Globalization has created new challenges as well as opportunities for human civilization in the current era. Every social institution goes through the transformation stage due to globalization. However, the most important aspect for sociologists to explore is the “family institution,” which is greatly affected by globalization. Nowadays, traditional extended families are broken down into nuclear ones in Pakistan. In addition, family relations and value structure is being deteriorated day by day. By analyzing the situation of family institutions in Pakistan, enlist any five negative impacts of globalization on Pakistani family structure.

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