Urdu101 Final Term Short Notes Download

Urdu101 Final Term Short Notes Download: Today we are sharing with urdu101 final term preparation final term notes and lectures. Students can easily prepare for their exams.

Urdu101 Final Term Short Notes Download

Please don’t recommend only on handouts read handouts and PPTs also In 1962 Everett Rogers combined the information flow research findings with studies about the flow of information and personal influence in several fields including anthropology, sociology, and rural agricultural extension work. He developed a diffusion theory. So although it is classified as an important theory in the field of communication, diffusion of innovations there have known practical applications in many other disciplines like sociology, rural sociology, economics, and medical sociology.

In the diffusion and adoption process, research has shown that public channels of communication, or communication by way of mass media, usually serve to spread awareness of innovation much faster than interpersonal channels. Interpersonal communications often prove essential in influencing people to adopt the idea or innovation that mass media have introduced to them.

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